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                              • Main ProductMore>>


                                Mainly used for powder products,W/O liquid foundation,BB cream

                                Polyurethane microbeads

                                Mainly used for pact,BB cream and other powder products


                                Mainly used for two-way cake / eye shadow, W / O、O / W liquid foundation, BB cream products


                                Manufacturer:The Garden Of Natural Solution
                                Mainly used for skin care ,different efficiency


                                the spices used for make up, skin care, and body cosmetics

                                New ProductsMore>>

                                TiO2 S10

                                INCI:Titanium Dioxide & Silica & Alumina

                                Properties: Super water dispersable pigmentary TiO2...
                                Application:O/W Liquid foundation...

                                About UsMore>>

                                KNY Cosmetics CO., LTD


                                KNY Cosmetics Co., LTD is a South Korea sole-source investment enterprise, professionally sells new materials of cosmetics at home and abroad and provides additional services, and product development consultationIt mainly managers all kinds of high quality cosmetics raw materials imported from South Korea . 。

                                Cooperation Partner
                                • K.S Pearl


                                  K.S Pearl Established in : 1988
                                  Products :High-quality Powders
                                  Products are researched and developed cooperatively by cosmetics researchers and companies.

                                • The Garden Of Natural Solution


                                  The Garden Of Natural Solution Established in : 2004
                                  Products : Natural extracts
                                  Advanced and unique pro-environmental extraction

                                • Kimex


                                  Kimex Pearl Established in : 1993.01
                                  Products : Fragrance,Liposome
                                  Focus on R&D,Excellent qualities,strict quality and raw materials control,produce high-standard spices

                                • ActivON


                                  ActivON Established in 2009
                                  Products : Active ingredients for cosmetics
                                  advanced new texture)

                                • PTL


                                  PTL Established in: 2000
                                  Products : Specialty Cosmetic Powders

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