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      Cooperative Partner



      K.S Pearl Corporation has been established in 1986.It keep the number one position in the surface treatment field in Korea.

      Market Competitiveness

      High-quality Powders
      ◆Have a 70% market share of korean high-quality powders.
      Excellent R&D abilities
      ◆Products are researched and developed cooperatively by cosmetics researchers and companies.
      Market-oriented product development
      ◆Meet the requirements of developers,develop products according to the trends of cosmetics

      Established in : 2004

      Products : Natural Extracts

      Market Competitiveness

      Advanced and unique pro-environmental extraction

      ◆Ultrasonic assisted Extraction, Ceramic assisted Extraction and supercritical fluids Technology
      ◆Focus on investment in research and development,ensure most of the permitted and unique extractions,ensure the excellent quality of products
      Visualized effects,different qualities with competitors
      ◆Not conceptual extraction,efficient product development has been recognized by the industry


      Established in : 1993.1
      Products : Fragrance, liposome

      Market Competitiveness

      ◆Focus on R&D,committed to construct advanced products
      ◆World-leading technology of perfume preparation,meeting the customers' requirements.
      Excellent qualities,strict quality and raw materials control,produce high-standard spices
      ◆Excellent qualities and unique competitiveness

      Established in : 2009
      Products : Active ingredients for cosmetics

      Our mission
      Project-Based Sales Strategy.
      Well communication and Co-work development.
      Reliable, On time, Precise. 
      High quality of technical service

      Market  Competitiveness

      ◆Certification from Government.                                                                                                    

      -Venture company (No. 2009010820)                                                                                           

       -ActivON R&D Center (No. 2010111911)

      ◆Technical Support and Supply of Ingredients for Cosmetic industry

      Supported by Government Funds (2010 ~   )
      ◆Funded by Gyunggi province, with Kyung Hee University.                                                      

      ◆Funded by Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, with Konkuk University.

      ◆Funded by Ministry of Knowledge Economy

      Established in : 2000
      Products : Specialty Cosmetic Powders

      Our mission
      To works in partnership with our customers, understanding the value of new ideas and supporting innovative products.

      Market Competitiveness
      ◆ Have a 90% market share of Silicone Resin powder & Metallic Oxide Composite powder in korean cosmetic powders.
      Continued development of a unique specialty items
      ◆ Composites, Surface Treatments, Novel Morphology, Soft/Light Powder
      Produce high quality and increase of production yield
      ◆ Design of the target quality and screening of ingredients, Optimization of preparations
      Ability to develop a variety of products
      ◆ Mass production of a novel product, Meet the various needs of customers

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