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        Our Company

        KNY Cosmetics Co.LTD is a South Korea sole-source investment enterprise, professionally sells new materials of cosmetics at home and abroad and provides additional services, and product development consultationIt mainly managers all kinds of high quality cosmetics raw materials imported from South Korea .

        Our Company bases on the information of the trend of new product development at home and abroad and cosmetics industry intelligence to meet customers’ different demands of the new brand development and to provide goods planning design ,packaging material supply, services for production of cosmetics company.

        Our company has a wide range of intelligence network in South Korea ,the United States, China and other countries ,with the fast development of information and advanced cosmetics technology supply high quality cosmetics raw materials.

        The strategic network which is building between our company and ODM /OEM development experts with above 15 years of word level and South Korea ,Japan ,European companies are forming.

        We depend on institutional of professional knowledge as the foundation and are responsible for efforts to provide a variety of services to help your existing brand more brilliant into the future.

        KNY Cosmetics Co.LTD not only agents the product of Wha Costech, KS Pearl, Cosmann, Natrual Solution, KIMEX ,PTL,but also offers a variety of South Korean cosmetics raw materials.


        KNY Cosmetics Co.LTD creats value and at the same time we also choose better raw materials and more advanced technology in development in order to offer better help for cosmetics development so that consumers achieve higher quality of life.

        Provide professional service,and first-class environment and platform for your brand development !

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